Prosciutto Amatriciano I.G.P.

Product Description

The PGI Amatrician ham has a specific quality that comes from the traditional technique of a particularly high trimming. This operation, which characterizes this product, derived from centuries of experience gained by the producers of the area and gives the ham a “pear” round shape. In addition to the exterior visual appearance, thanks to this operation the useful surface area exposed is increased to the absorption of the first tanning saline and subsequently to the action of the drying action of the air; thus obtaining a finished product characterized by a lower moisture content and a higher content of proteins that are indicative of the quality of the ham. These qualities harmonize with the good olfactory features and the texture of the product, which is characterized by a significant firmness to the touch, and an intense aged aroma. The pinkish/red slice has a savory but not salty flavor and a pleasant sweet and intense aroma.

Minimum Seasoning

14 months


8+ Kg