23 Dec Prosciutto Amatriciano I.G.P.

The PGI Amatrician ham has a specific quality that comes from the traditional technique of a particularly high trimming. This operation, which characterizes this product, derived from centuries of experience gained by the producers of the area and gives the ham a "pear" round shape....

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17 Dec L’Imperatore

The Imperatore, unique and inimitable, is a perfect balance between sweetness and fragrance. It is the result of strict and careful selection of raw materials, workmanship more faithful to the traditional craft practices, and a slow and patient aging that takes advantage of the fresh...

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17 Dec L’Affettoso

The aim of satisfying all consumer demands has led to this innovative product that meets the most stringent standards of the best Italian tradition. Starting from a boneless fresh thigh, The Affettoso ® rises from the need to combine the traditionally high-quality features of the...

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17 Dec Cuor di Coscio

The Cuor di Coscio is a ham that uses a boneless pork leg from before the salting. The special attention paid to the selection of the meats, the meticulous care with which the ripening of a minimum of 7 months is followed, and all the...

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17 Dec Il Mito

The Mito is a ham that comes from carefully selected meat of domestic pigs, all with a live weight of at least 160 kg. It is a product with an extremely delicate taste: a delicacy obtained thanks to an initial wisely limited salting. The Mito...

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17 Dec Il Vanto

The Vanto is the perfect synthesis of the Sano manufacturing excellence. It combines a careful selection of raw materials, strictly derived from domestic pigs with a live weight of at least 160 kg, with a very careful and prolonged phase of maturation. The remarkable delicacy...

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